The Society for Fertilizers and Environment confers the title of FELLOW to distinguished academician/scientists of the country and abroad in its Annual Convention.

Maximum of TWO fellows are selected each year. Below are the general guidelines for selection of FELLOWS,


  1. The applicant MUST be a Member of the Society
  2. Fellows will be elected on the basis of significant contributions of new knowledge to selected fields of agricultural sciences (Soil Science, Agronomy, Plant protection, Agri-chemicals, horticulture)/environmental sciences. They shall be elected on the basis of their scientific contributions in terms of documentation, publications, patents etc. In addition to Indian scientists, foreign nationals may be nominated and be considered for the Fellowship of the Society provided they are LIFE MEMBER of the Society.
  3. Upto a maximum of 2 Fellows will be elected each year and would be conferred with Fellowship in the Annual Convention of the Society.
  4. Each candidate shall be nominated by a an Eminent Scientist in the field and has to be seconded by President of SFE. The proposer/patron shall certify that he/she is personally acquainted with the scientific contribution of the candidate. Each Patron can nominate maximum of three (3) candidates each year.
  5. Nominations made for the Fellowship of the Society shall remain valid for a period of three years. A scientist whose nomination for Fellowship has remained valid of 3 years and who is not elected during this period, can be renominated again. However, he has to resubmit nomination form with updated information and will be given greater weightage over fresh candidates.
  6. Nomination forms will be received in the Society by 31st December of every year (15th February for 2022 Annual Convention), duly filled and signed, and addressed to the Secretary, and no paper received after this date shall be considered in that year. If 31st December happens to be a holiday, the next working day would be the last date.
  7. Aspiring candidates should submit Nomination Form filled in all respect with supporting documents in PDF format and mail to Secretary in the mail id secretarysfe@gmail.com. As for the selected papers that he/she cites in the Nomination Form, only FIRST PAGE of the paper should be included that contains the abstract of the paper.
  8. President will select a Scrutiny Committee for scrutinizing the Nomination Forms. The Scrutiny Committee will submit it’s recommendation to the Executive Council of the Society and the Council will finally scrutinize and select TWO candidates from the recommended candidates for Fellowship of the Society. The Council shall have the power to delete any name from the list; but it can not add any new name.
  9. Any candidate who canvasses for support for his/her candida­ture, shall be disqualified from election.
  10. A list of nominated scientists shall be compiled by the Secretary and put on the website of the Society (www.socfertenviron.org)

The nomination form can be downloaded from the link below,

Nomination form for fellow of the Society (MS Word format)

Nomination form for fellow of the Society (PDF format)

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